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The Need

The Need

"We need a new solution that can accelerate revenue through online and mobile channels without slowing the rest of our business."

Panago, a franchisee-owned and operated pizza delivery and takeout business, came to us with this common problem—complicated by the demand for an experience that could rival other popular food ordering services and integrate with an existing framework of legacy technology.


Why didn't Panago just buy an off-the-shelf solution?


Their brand and market presence were too important.

Known for their best-in-class call-center support, a custom solution to synchronize data between the mobile experience, POS system, and Panago call center was the only way to go.

Their vision was a branded application that could support their comprehensive internal requirements and offer their customers an experience to completely transform the convenience of mobile ordering.

The Build

With this new solution’s extensive integration requirements, we knew the best place to start was with a flexible API layer.

Built on top of the existing system, all orders were synchronized through one source of truth, leaving the current call center infrastructure unchanged and the project’s variable parts in one place.

The Build

This brand-new API layer ultimately future-proofs Panago’s digital strategy.

The ability to “talk” to other applications ensures any other apps (web, Android, iOS, etc.) can be built on top of the existing platform and, its support of Panago’s new online properties extends into a service-oriented architecture—bringing structure and resilience to their backend system.

By utilizing shared react-native code, both web and mobile reuse similar business rules, providing both Android and iOS experiences—any change to these experiences happens in unison, but if needed, areas of differentiation can be designed and deployed on the individual app types.

A custom asset management service makes it easy for marketing to dynamically update the application with visual elements and content that support new products or offers across different regions in the country.

The Relationship

The Relationship

The immediate difference for Panago compared to other agencies was our transparency. We don’t just discuss progress; we show it.

Bi-weekly meetings
focused entirely on maintaining momentum—

mitigating and discussing any challenges or change requirements that arose as new business rules and integration limitations were discovered.

The deployment of workable prototypes made that momentum real—

letting customer support staff experience the solution as we built it to provide critiques or feedback along the way.

This initial project grew into a long-term partnership with Panago, helping them identify and bring new solutions to life that keep them competitive in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

The Transformation

Our collaborative DevOps strategy with the Panago IT team resulted in the scalable, resilient deployment of a stable, manageable ecosystem.

The software seamlessly integrated with Panago’s legacy ecosystem, commerce platform and the top three food delivery services (SkiptheDishes, Uber Eats, and Doordash), ensuring they’re well-equipped to handle a growing number of orders through their online and mobile channels.

Outside of the IT team, our methodologies shared with stakeholders in marketing and customer support introduced a new way of iterative thinking around new features and services that freed them from packaged software’s typical limitations.

In the end, Panago received a custom solution that dramatically increased its revenue through both owned and third-party digital channels and transformed the brand experience across both web and mobile.

The Transformation

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