Canada Digital Adoption Program

Access up to $15,000 of government funding to boost your business technology. Potentially unlock up to $100,000 interest-free loan.


What is CDAP?


The Canadian federal government is putting $4 billion in total funding to help small to medium-sized businesses adopt new technology to make their businesses better. Offset your costs to discover what's possible with the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) grant.

Latero Labs is an approved CDAP advisor and has already assisted others in building digital adoption plans and getting their interest-free loan to invest in their business. For details on how the program works and if you qualify review the details here:

We recommend you carefully select your goals and find the best digital advisor for what you need. For digital advertising and marketing, we'd likely recommend you to a partner CDAP advisor. Where we add the most value are:

- Building transformative software applications that change how you sell / operate with customers and internally

- Investigate complex integrations for your different technology systems

- Build a digital strategy to change business operations at the edge of where your current vendors can support

We are able to help get you started and can help every step of the way to achieve your goals by providing the following in regards to CDAP:

- Assessment & Discovery

- Technology roadmap creation

- Adoption plan execution management

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