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Service portals provide you a way to give a more customized experience to your customers and teams. Often times these portals require multiple integrations to systems that are currently used to operate your business. From our experience, the one-size fits all customer portal software may not be a good fit for many business cases. Portals are often meant to be extremely functional, and you need a team that focuses on your ideal flows and makes it possible. Whether you are doing B2B, B2C or B2B2C - effective portals can drive delight or frustration depending on how you execute it.

The biggest challenge in customer portals and service portals are the number of touchpoints that could be important. The co-ordination of multiple roles and multiple systems needs to be explored to decide on the best way to achieve the goal and then explore the technical solution that could do so. There are barriers in terms of system integration capabilities, user training, access control, automating approvals, and notifications. By working with Latero Labs, we will help map these ideas out, and propose potential solutions to be evaluated with your team.

Some great use cases we've built for:

  • Brokerage member onboarding, resources, and service integrations
  • Franchise content, data, and pricing management
  • Dashboards for service & subscription-based companies
  • Companion mobile applications some specific functionality on the go
  • Application processing - fintech and more.

If you've got an idea for a service portal are unable to find good off the shelf solutions and need some advice on how to approach the problem contact us now!

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