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Agile Process

We take a holistic and agile approach to software design to solve real-world problems. The path to success is many small steps, often being discovered as new knowledge is uncovered. We ensure timely deliverables hit at a minimum of every 2-3 weeks and make sure you are always aware of progress. Our process builds the ability to respond to risk and changes directly into it.

Design & Discovery

Design and planning are key to success in today's world. Whether it's just articulating your process into product wireframes, or starting with your idea, we fill in all the gaps for your plan required to make your ideas for products / services work.

  • UI / UX Design
  • Journey Frameworks
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Systems Planning

Development Services

Latero Labs specializes in development of mobile, web, and API software. On the mobile-end, we build software utilizing ReactNative to ensure you have cross-platform compatible code working on iOS and Android. On the web and API services end, we ensure your front end and back end systems are reliable, robust, ready to scale, and can handle the complexity you require. Let yourself focus on innovation while we build the reliable technology to support it. We ensure we've built things in away that are in line with your operations, and we've already done integration with a variety of different credit, identity verification, payment, and legacy systems.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile & Cross-Platform Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Service Integrations

Technology Strategy & Support

We help plan out the resources you should need to evolve and support your software and users. As things are evolving quickly, you must be prepared to change and capture opportunities as they arise. We also provide varying level of production support services to our customers to ensure someone capable is on the job when problems arise.

  • Technical Strategy & Evaluation
  • Techology Research
  • Resource Planning

Our Tech Stack

ruby on rails
react js / native